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We are the laser specialists.  Established in 2004 Exquisite Laser Clinic specialises in advanced laser and skin treatments, performing over 40,000 laser treatments to date safely and effectively. 

Exquisite Laser founder, Leanne has been instrumental in the beauty and aesthetic industry, having been involved with laser for over 15 years, she is one of New Zealand’s most experienced laser operators.

Leanne is also the co-founder of the Beauty Tech Conference which started in 2012, and NZ Laser Training (Formally known as NZ Laser & IPL Training Centre), as a leader in her field Leanne possess very high standards, which she instills in her staff; Leanne also endeavors to continue raising those standards through the work and laser industry in New Zealand.

At Exquisite we strive to have the most technologically advanced equipment, we are always on the look out for the best equipment and products to treat all skin types and concerns.
For all laser treatments we use only Cutera lasers which we believe is the most outstanding laser in the market today. This particular system is a medical grade laser and offers cooling to treat the most sensitive area and all skin types safely and effectively.
We also offer a full range of high quality, advanced skin treatments including microdermabrasion options, cosmeceutical and superceutical products. Many of these products complement and enhance the skin treatments we currently provide.
With a wealth of experience in all areas we have great relationships with only the best of the best specialists in New Zealand.  If we are unable to help you with your concerns we can tell you who can.

We are committed and passionate about what we do.

What we do ...

All our Laser Technicians/Skin Consultations are certified in laser treatments and have years of experience in their field. We are committed and passionate about what we do.
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"We know that the best results come from quality equipment, training, specialised staff and products. We use the world leading Cutera laser, designed and manufactured in the USA. Although ten times the price of cheaper available lasers, we are not willing to risk the safety and well-being of our clients and then expect them to pay for what is often questionable results."
Free consultations are available for all of the procedures that we offer.


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