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“Exquisite Laser founder, Leanne Nicol has been instrumental in the beauty and aesthetic industry, having been involved with laser for over 15 years, she is one of New Zealand’s most experienced laser operators.
Leanne is also the co-founder of the Beauty Tech Conference which started in 2012, and NZ Laser Training (Formally known as NZ Laser & IPL Training Centre), as a leader in her field Leanne possess very high standards, which she instills in her staff; Leanne also endeavors to continue raising those standards through the work she does at Exquisite Laser clinic”

Ruth Nicholson
 Director & Owner of Beauty Tech Ltd/NZ Laser Training Ltd



I must say, honestly, without the need of the testimonial- I've thoroughly enjoyed coming in and doing a course in microderm, I've noticed a huge difference in my skin, and the makeup has made a big difference in controlling the break-outs too.

It's not often you say you enjoy putting your makeup on each morning. I can now say that, Addiction Minerals is easy to apply, good for your skin and most of all looks great!

I need a product that looks great on stage, in music videos and for everyday wear. Addiction Minerals is my 'go to' product, that gives me the coverage I need for any occasion, and is great for my skin too!

I always thought mineral foundation wouldn't give me the coverage I needed until I used Addiction Minerals. I can build up the product to what I need on any particular day. It's given me the confidence to use something that's good for my skin, and looks great too giving me the natural glowing skin I've always wanted.

I could keep going on, I honestly do believe Addiction Mineral powder foundation is awesome!

BrookeDuff 1

Brooke Duff
New Zealand recording artist and songwriter


As a male stripper, the full thick hairy chest and stomach doesn't really suit. I tried shaving, waxing and creams all resulting in itchy, painful ingrown hairs and inflamed skin. I sort help at another 'high profile' laser clinic and after 8 treatments I had next to no hair reduction I had given up on ever getting laser treatment done again. I had a chance to chat to the staff at Exquisite and they convinced me to come in and give laser hair removal one more go. This time with a medical grade laser and a technician that knew what she was doing I had visible hair reduction after just one session. The laser hair removal worked and now I'm virtually hair free on my chest and stomach, no ingrown hairs, no horrible stubble, no more red sore skin. My only regret was not going to Exquisite sooner.

Entertainer and New Zealand's only full time male stripper


I enjoy going to Exquisite Laser Clinic as the technicians and therapists there are always really professional, friendly and make me feel very comfortable. I had a couple of different treatments done and found them to be very effective and definitely worth it. My favourite though is their Addiction Minerals Makeup, I love that you get a complimentary mini make over after facial treatments so you feel good and freshly made up when stepping back into public...

The CoolGlide Laser is definitely my preferred machine as it is a lot more comfortable and It’s a bonus having no side effects like previous machines I had tried I cant wait to do more areas!

exlaser -26-testimonials-sally
Sally Peters


I love the team at Exquisite Laser Clinic. They are friendly and professional and do a great job. I had Microdermabrasion and walked away feeling so youthful and fresh! I recommend it."
Jay-Jay Feeney
Host of The Edge Morning Madhouse


With me being a wuss when it comes to waxing and being sick of getting painful ugly ingrown hairs from shaving, laser treatments have been a true blessing. the treatments are quick, clean and not as painful as what i thought! The girls at Exquisite laser have been great, they have an awesome clinic and my technician is so professional, and makes me feel really comfortable, I got all the information i needed in my free consult, and even with having polycystic ovaries, i am seeing amazing results. Laser is the way to go, and I'm referring everyone to Exquisite Laser for hair removal”.


As a mature woman I found that the hairs around my upper lip and chin were becoming very dark and obvious and was making me very self conscious. After a few visits to Exquisite Laser Clinic my problem had become a memory of the past. I found the girls that treated my upper lip and chin were very helpful and professional. I am so pleased with the result. Thanks a lot girls!

North Shore, Auckland


I have been using the A.S.A.P range of skincare on myself for the past three months and am loving it. Using the daily facial cleanser, daily exfoliating scrub and anti aging night cream at night and then my fave moisturiser osmosis Quench in the morning (perfect base for makeup)
Why I love it?...
No harsh detergents,
No harmful chemicals,
No artificial fragrances,
No animal derivatives....
Ageing/sun-damaged skin
Dry, dull and dehydrated skin
Fine lines and wrinkles
Uneven skin tone
Oily and acne-prone skin.
Kaitlin Chapman Makeup & Hair


As a dancer, choreographer and performer, it is integral my skin is always at its best for all my stage appearances, especially when taking part in the television series, Dancing With The Stars. As a teenager and into adulthood I have suffered from acne, worsened by the stage makeup that I am required to wear for my performances.

After years of problem skin, in the last year I found a great tool in my fight against acne. I was advised to try 100% mineral makeup when I first visited Exquisite and I haven't looked back since. Regardless of what treatments you use to cleanse your skin I discovered if you are acne prone and using comedogenic or clogging oil based foundations and concealers to cover it all up you are actually feeding the cycle.
The first time I tried the makeup I was astounded at how even my skin tone was, when I had always struggled with uneven skin tone with the various makeup products I had tried. I was very much surprised and pleased with how well the minerals blended into my skin, making it look natural and not overly made up. It not only covered blemishes better than a normal foundation, but it also gave me a natural looking skin tone and glow like freshly cleansed skin. I couldn't believe I had found a product that actively improved my skin as I wore it and didn't have the cakey, dry texture of other powder based foundations I'd tried. Even when I am on Dancing with the stars, I use my mineral makeup when training and tell the makeup artists to use it on me as well, its fabulous!

I also went another step and began a course of microdermabrasion at the Exquisite Laser Clinic. The girls at the clinic made me feel completely at ease and described the procedure fully before we began. I found after couple of weeks there was a definite improvement in the texture and pigment of my skin. I also saw a marked difference in the way my makeup blended into my skin, giving a much more even result. I was also pleased that in the weeks that followed the treatment I noticed that the microdermabrasion broke the acne cycle I was constantly experiencing. My skin was the clearest and most even it had been in years.

Along with the microdermabrasion treatments I started using ASAP daily scrub in the mornings and ASAP Daily cleanser with glycolic acid at night, followed by a non clogging moisturiser from the ASAP range. These played a huge part in keeping my skin clear in the weeks and months following the treatment, and I definitely noticed if I washed my face with other products the acne began to return. These are the best products I have ever tried at controlling my skin and keeping it in check during my heavy performing schedule. Thankyou so much to the team at Exquisite for making such a difference to my skin, you have truly made a change in my life.

If you are interested in social dance or wedding lessons for ballroom and latin dancing, email krystalstuart@msn.com


Krystal Stuart
Dancer/Choreographer/Performer - Professional Dance - "Dancing with the Stars"


Being a male I was slightly hesitant at first but was overwhelmed by how well the staff informed me of each procedure that they provide and the quality of the equipment that they use. The environment is very professional and relaxing. Excellent service from start to finish, always going that extra mile, even something as thoughtful as adding a slice of lemon to your glass of water, you can be sure you are going to be taken care of. The ladies are all very friendly and reassuring making exquisite a place I would recommend to absolutely anyone, female...or male!

Clinton Randell
The Edge Radio Presenter
TV2 presenter / Cleo Bachelor of the year contestant / NZ Idol Contestant


I wanted to say thank you and am looking forward to the next session as well as finishing the course of treatment. I must admit being of dark skin tone and having a thick growth of coarse dark hair shaving had been a real pain and I was looking for something like this for a while but nothing suitable was available or I was not comfortable. When I saw your brochures and spoke to the people at your stand at the expo I was comfortable and said to myself "YES" this is it, made an appointment and Crystal was friendly and took me through the process of what was involved and by the end I wanted it done then and there. Anyway to make things short... I went through the first treatment and now two weeks into the first treatment I have seen the difference I can now finish shaving in 5 minutes instead of the usual 30 min it used to take me, I also get a close shave...and it doesn't hurt my face. the hair is falling I can see a few patches.. until the next treatment... and then another update...
I trust others who are fed up with shaving like I was and reads this will take the step and get it done.. IT SURE IS WORTH IT. Thank you Crystal for bearing with me.”


After years of waxing, laser treatment has permanently removed a large amount of the dark hair on my upper thighs. I am delighted with the results. The Exquisite Laser team are professional and make you feel comfortable and welcome at their clinic. I would recommend Exquisite laser to anyone considering laser treatment for the removal of unwanted hair."



Thank you Nikki for my Dermastamp!  I was initially a wee bit frightened from what I had seen online but you were able to answer all my questions and explain the correct way Dermastamping should be done.   Only a week down and I had  already noticed my skin to be brighter and clearer.  Even others have!!  I'm so happy to be able to go without makeup and when iI do wear it it goes on flawlessly.  Another big thing i noticed was that I've had no breakouts since.  A pimple here and there has come up but they heal quickly without scarring.  6 weeks on I am still enjoying the benefits of my Dermastamp!!  I'm a fan! Absolutely loving the Addiction Minerals Makeup too! See you again soon!

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So happy with my skin rejuvenation! My skin has never felt better - Shannon, Auckland

Everyone was so lovely and really helpful. Love my new lips!!! - Izabella, Auckland

Had a spray tan from here and it was hands down the best spray tan. It was natural looking and lasted for almost 2 weeks! I will definitely be back! - Ashley, Auckland
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